Our approach generate balanced and cross-sectorial science-business ideas and we invest in seed, early stage and scaling stage technology companies with the vision to create international enterprises.
01 / SEED

capital provided to inventors to finance the early development of a new product or service. These early financings may be directed toward product development, market research, building a management team and developing a business plan. 


targeted to existing companies or maturely developed ideas that are able to begin operations but are not yet at the stage of commercial manufacturing and sales, early stage financing supports a step-up in capabilities. We support product development and initial marketing by adding professional business manager to scientist founder to create best science-business relation


“Scaling up” is essentially growing business up and out. But it is not as simple as just selling more products and services, or hiring more people. Increasing sales will increase all the activities that support sales, such as technology, purchasing, logistics, accounting and after-sales service


meet SciTech GROUP


SciTech GROUP is a group of people who joint their talents to create an environment for innovative technologies to speed up world development. 

Whole concept of a Science Group was created in 2014 and since than we invested in several companies which traveled their way from an idea to multi-million companies with well managed processes, investors and business partners. Our mix of experience from work for greatest companies in the World, ability of innovation creation and finesse entrepreneurship, helped us to better understand joint relation between science and business. Thank to this knowledge we can implement specific idea to the companies that are looking for competitor differentiator or to the companies that were not sufficiently managed for innovation tempo of implementation. From 2014 for four years, we build our companies cumulative valuation from zero to more than EUR 120mio.


There are four strategic aspects that we are specializing in:

  • New Materials Development,

  • Renewable Energy,

  • Medical Devices, 

  • IT solutions

Each of them is complementary to another and all together are responsible for recent world development. We invest independently thanks to our investment vehicle as well as we build partnership investments with our business partners. Every solution in tailored and discussed with potential beneficiary parties before it starts and more importantly during investment and development stage. Thank to this approach and modern management system that we developed SCRUM LAB, we take appropriate care about scientific investigation process, invested capital and predicted results delivery. We are doing application science in lean and agile way. 


Our goal is to play an active role in further world development for better life.

We are fostering science people who create groundbreaking knowledge in technology. We are adding business management, and strategically design plan and execute it and cultivate innovators who work towards a prosperous society by fueling the creation of scientific and technological knowledge and incorporating this new knowledge into business and industry.



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